CONTROL closed-loop control electronics

We develop and produce customised single-loop and closed-loop control electronics.

We develop and implement single-loop and closed-loop control electronics in large quantities

See for yourself how great KOSTAL Electronic Solutions is as an E²MS and ODM full-service partner for innovative solutions in high-volume single-loop and closed-loop control electronics.

With internationally recognised expertise, KOSTAL is your experienced partner for solutions in single-loop and closed-loop control electronics for high-volume customer projects.

More than E²MS
  • KOSTAL's modular principle: access to all products, expertise and technologies from the KOSTAL world
  • Automotive expertise: market leadership in electronics and mechatronics products
  • Largest supplier of power electronics (on-board chargers)
  • Complete product: electronics, housing and software
Everything from one supplier

Development of customised solutions for large quantities as a complete package from the enquiry to the finished product:

  • Material procurement
  • Development
  • Validation (environmental tests, EMC, EOL, ICT, etc.) Certifications (UL, IEC, CE, etc.)
  • Production and logistics

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Are you looking for a partner to develop single-loop and closed-loop control electronics? We are happy to help. Contact me.

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Markus Scholz
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Ready for action:
the KOSTAL universal rotary encoder

Precise angle measurement: high-resolution rotary encoders for precise measurements. Integration into systems: easy integration into control and monitoring systems, with support such as automatic recording of baud rates and protocols.

Position sensors for roller shutters and more – with unrivalled precision

The rotary encoder from KOSTAL uses a unique sliding contact technology that has proven itself in the automotive industry. The encoder records precise positions and serves as an efficient interface between the motor and the control system.

Reliable and ready for action now

The KOSTAL rotary encoder is available now. It enables the speed and acceleration of roller shutters to be precisely and easily calculated and controlled and reduces the amount of maintenance required compared to conventional solutions.

Advantages of the KOSTAL rotary encoder

  • Position query every 3 ms
  • Very high polling rate
  • Performance level C (EN13849-1), device is suitable for performing a safety function (TÜV certificate)
  • Analogue (new) RJ45 variant and digital version
  • OEM solution possible (e.g. GfA)
  • Downward compatible with the first version
  • Signalling contact safety chain, for safety PLC
  • Low power consumption
  • Automatic baud rate detection
  • Automatic protocol detection, conflict detection
  • Multiple single turns possible on one bus protocol (address change)
  • Magnetic field insensitive, as no Hall sensor
  • Tested for 1 million cycles
  • Service and product support
  • Made in Germany

Rotary encoder fields of application

  • Industrial doors/high-speed doors/sliding doors
  • Barriers
  • PV tracking
  • Wind power, small wind turbines
  • Railway, doors
  • Automatic sliding doors, airlocks, swing gates
  • Use in mechanical engineering: Machine tools, packaging machines, etc.
  • Robots
  • Jetties, harbours
  • Theatre and stage

Further technical details can be found in the download area:

KOSTAL rotary encoder data sheet

Do you have questions about our rotary encoder?

Do you need more technical input on our rotary encoder? We are happy to help. Contact me.

Personal contact person

Markus Scholz
Tel: +49 2331 8040 126

Closed-loop control electronics

Closed-loop control circuits are the main features and applications of closed-loop control electronics. Closed-loop control electronics: This term refers to the field of electronics that deals with single-loop and closed-loop control of systems and processes. In closed-loop control sections, the electronics compare and correct deviations from the target value to ensure stability even in the event of faults. 

Closed-loop control electronics provide a wide range of advantages


Processes can be optimised and resources saved through the use of closed-loop control electronics.


Modern closed-loop control electronics can be adapted to different requirements, enabling various fields of application.


Closed-loop control electronics work very precisely and can correct even the smallest of deviations.


Closed-loop control electronics help to increase safety in many applications by recognising and correcting errors and faults at an early stage.

KOSTAL Electronic Solutions

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