KOSTAL Electronic Solutions. More than E²MS.

More than E²MS –
Electronic Solutions by KOSTAL

KOSTAL is a leading technology partner for comprehensive E²MS and ODM solutions in the power electronics and control electronics fields.

Individual product development for large-scale series production – your full-service provider for custom solutions.

Electronic Solutions by KOSTAL offers the individual development of customised solutions, especially for high volumes of power single-loop and closed-loop control electronics.

International, large-scale series production

Made-to-measure large-scale series production solutions, tailored to KOSTAL's international focus.

Professional project management

Comprehensive project support, backed by KOSTAL expertise and 18,500 employees from the KOSTAL Group.

Global material procurement

Strategic material procurement in the KOSTAL network for optimum value for money.

We provide support for certification

Expertise in worldwide certification processes, which expand KOSTAL's global market access.

Product validation

KOSTAL-specific development and validation processes to ensure product integrity.

Made in Germany quality

Advanced production and logistics chains ensure KOSTAL quality standards and delivery reliability.


Power electronics and closed-loop control electronics from the experts for your business. Discover our range of services for individual electronics development.


Customised development of power electronics


Customised development of single-loop and closed-loop control electronics

KOSTAL technology and innovation

Our modular KOSTAL technology system: your access to top technical performance.

Expertise from the group of companies

Benefit from access to all products, expertise and technologies from the KOSTAL world. From HMI, electronics and mechatronics to software, low-voltage and high-voltage solutions.

Automotive excellence

We are a leader in the electronics and mechatronics product sectors and are one of the top suppliers of automotive power electronics, particularly for  on-board charger technologies.

Complete solutions

Our products offer electronics as well as housings and HMI to meet your requirements.

Efficiency through automation

Automated high-speed lines guarantee maximum efficiency.

Global presence

With worldwide manufacturing capabilities, we are always in your area.

Superlative quality standards
Our ISO9001 certification applies to 20 countries and 36 locations worldwide.
Focus on sustainability

We are actively committed to sustainability: KOSTAL Sustainability.

Modular solutions

Faster to market and quality from the first product. Take advantage of tried-and-tested KOSTAL technology modules.


As a 100-year-old family-owned company, KOSTAL combines tradition with progress. Shared values and loyalty form the basis for developing and producing high-quality electronic solutions in automotive and industrial applications. Today, KOSTAL employs over 18,500 people at 46 locations in 20 countries across five continents.


Electronic Solutions by KOSTAL

Ready for action: universal power supply unit, DC/DC converter and rotary encoder.

KOSTAL universal power supply unit

The highly efficient and decentralised KOSTAL universal power supply unit.

KOSTAL DC/DC converter

For converting voltages and currents. Typical power levels of up to 22 kW.

KOSTAL rotary encoder

The digital KOSTAL universal position sensor for roller shutters and more.

KOSTAL Electronic Solutions

Are you looking for an E²MS and ODM partner for your business? We are experts in developing and producing power electronics and closed-loop control electronics with special expertise in e-mobility and PV inverters. Get in touch with us.