POWER power electronics

We develop and produce customised power electronics.

CONTROL closed-loop control electronics

We develop and produce customised single-loop and closed-loop control electronics.

Your specialist for power electronics, energy conversion and closed-loop and single-loop control electronics

You have the perfect set-up with KOSTAL Electronic Solutions by your side as a service and development partner and with comprehensive E²MS and ODM solutions from the KOSTAL technology universe.


Power electronics and closed-loop control electronics from the experts for your business. Discover our range of services for individual electronics development.


Customised development of power electronics


Customised development of single-loop and closed-loop control electronics

Ready for action: products from Electronic Solutions by KOSTAL

Discover our customisable standard solutions. From the universal power supply unit to DC/DC converters and the KOSTAL rotary encoder.

KOSTAL universal power supply unit

The highly efficient and decentralised KOSTAL universal power supply unit.

KOSTAL DC/DC converter

For converting voltages and currents. Typical power levels of up to 22 kW.

KOSTAL rotary encoder

The digital KOSTAL universal position sensor for roller shutters and more.

KOSTAL Electronic Solutions

Are you looking for an E²MS and ODM partner for your business? We are experts in developing and producing power electronics and closed-loop control electronics with special expertise in e-mobility and PV inverters. Get in touch with us.