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We develop and produce customised power electronics.

Our service for your business: customised power electronics and energy conversion up to a typical 22 kW and more

Discover KOSTAL Electronic Solutions as an E²MS and ODM full-service partner for innovative solutions in power electronics.

With recognised international expertise, KOSTAL is your experienced partner for energy conversion solutions in complex customer projects.

Regardless of whether you need AC/DC, DC/AC or DC/DC, we use our experience and expertise to develop and realise challenging volume production projects to meet your requirements.

More than E²MS
  • KOSTAL's modular principle: access to all products, expertise and technologies from the KOSTAL world
  • Automotive expertise: market leadership in electronics and mechatronics products
  • Largest supplier of power electronics (on-board chargers)
  • Complete product: electronics, housing and software
Everything from one supplier

Development of customised solutions for large quantities as a complete package from the enquiry to the finished product:

  • Material procurement
  • Development
  • Validation (environmental tests, EMC, EOL, ICT, etc.) Certifications (UL, IEC, CE, etc.)
  • Production and logistics

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Markus Scholz
Tel: +49 2331 8040 126
E-mail: m.scholz@kostal.com

Ready for action:
KOSTAL universal power supply unit

KOSTAL solutions for supplying voltages and currents with the highly efficient and decentralised universal power supply unit with a high power class and robust design.

Designed for continuous use

The decentralised power supply unit from KOSTAL enables a highly efficient power supply directly in the field thanks to a three-phase connection. With its high power class and robust design, including adequate cooling and high protective class, it is ideal for decentralised use outside the control cabinet. 

Power supply in the field

The power supply unit offers flexibility by supplying electronic consumers directly at the point of use and can be operated independently to ensure optimum power distribution.

Advantages of the KOSTAL universal power supply unit:

  • 960 watts + IP54: no competition in this class to date
  • Power Boost 1.5 kW / 4 s
  • Lockable maintenance switch
  • Electronic DC line protection (parameterisable)
  • Integrated chopper (load resistor to protect against overvoltages caused by power being fed back), like a brake resistor
  • Output voltage adjustable by + 4 V to compensate for line losses
  • Two digital outputs for status display or PLC remote maintenance
  • Terminal area for second AC line, for looping through
  • Separate AC and DC connection ranges, to protect against short circuits
  • Various potential installation positions
  • Max. operating height 2,000 m above sea level

Power supply unit fields of application:

  • Energy supply in the field
  • Intralogistics/warehouse technology
  • Robotics
  • Material handling
  • Conveyor technology
  • Decentralised systems and machinery

Further technical details can be found in the download area:

KOSTAL power supply unit data sheet

Do you have questions about our decentralised power supply unit?

Do you need more technical input on our power supply unit? We are happy to help. Contact me.

Personal contact person

Markus Scholz
Tel: +49 2331 8040 126
E-mail: m.scholz@kostal.com

Ready for action:
the KOSTAL universal DC/DC converter

KOSTAL solutions for converting voltages and currents. Power typically up to 22 kW. Variants: AC/DC, DC/AC, DC/DC with grid feed-in: meets the feed-in guidelines.

Converting DC/DC voltages efficiently

The DC/DC converters from KOSTAL provide an efficient interface between batteries and fuel cells by precisely adapting different voltage levels. As they are parameterisable, KOSTAL converters ensure a high level of efficiency right from the commissioning stage. 

Ready for the future

The KOSTAL DC/DC converter therefore fulfils the requirements of hydrogen technologies and self-sufficient energy supply systems in a targeted manner. The modular system is specially designed for parallel use and can be scaled up to a total output of 10 kW. 

Advantages of DC/DC converters

  • Scalability from 1 – 5 devices / 2.1 kW – 10.5 kW
  • Compatible with all battery systems < 60 V
  • Can be integrated into 19" systems
  • Wide input voltage range of 10 V – 30 V
  • Efficiency of up to 97.5 %
  • Standardised cold plate
  • Easy to integrate into customer system
  • Converter topology: Boost converter
  • Communicative thanks to RS-485 and CAN (optional)
  • Preset standard parameters
  • Simple, individual parameterisation
  • Fast commissioning
  • Battery reverse polarity protection and battery connection protection
  • Thermal monitoring and power regulation
  • Synchronised parallel operation of several converters

Potential DC/DC converter applications

  • Fuel cell
  • Self-sufficient energy supply
  • Hydrogen applications
  • Renewable energies

Further technical details can be found in the download area:

DC/DC converter data sheet

Do you have questions about our DC/DC converter?

Do you need more technical input on our DC/DC converter? We are happy to help. Contact me.

Personal contact person

Markus Scholz
Tel: +49 2331 8040 126
E-mail: m.scholz@kostal.com

Power electronics

Power electronics is a field of electrical engineering that deals with converting and controlling electrical energy using semiconductor components, including diodes, transistors and thyristors. It is used in various industries, such as in the energy supply or drive technology sectors.

Power generation and power transmission

Here you will find systems such as inverters in solar systems and HVDC systems for the remote transmission of power.

Consumer electronics

These components include AC/DC adapters for laptops and speed regulators in washing machines.


Electric drives for vehicles, trains and aerospace applications.

Industrial applications

Motor drivers, welding and induction heating are examples of technologies that stand to gain from the benefits of more efficient use of energy, greater flexibility and controlling the reduction of energy losses, and the ability to  convert energy.

KOSTAL Electronic Solutions

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